Cedric McMillan Winner San Marino Pro 17 -


Cedric Mcmillan - Vincitore San Marino Pro 2017
Well, we’re here at ‘San Marino Pro 2017’ and yeah, I got 1st place. I can say when I arrived here on Friday, and even yesterday, I was so very nervous; and today too. So many good guys here, you know, but the main thing I was trying to focus on is my physique, and trying to improve, and be better, you know, doing my own prep for this show, and the show last week in California. And so it's a little bit of a process for me to go back to the way I used to do things as an amateur myself, you know, and try to make the changes that I need for, you know, this level of competition, the amount of muscle and all that stuff that I have now versus when I was an amateur.
So it's a big experiment for me, you know, there really is no emotion at all because, like I said, it's an experiment trying to get better; so the only thing I can think about now is remembering everything I did, if it went right, look at the pictures and see what I need to improve so that I can try to be better the next time, you know. And I'm this way every time there's a show, you know, whether I win or lose I focus on what I have to do next.
I can say one difference, for me, between winning and losing is: when I lose I get very disappointed because I feel like so many people that support me.. I feel like I let them down, you know, the people that cheered for me and they want me to do well, and then I don't do well or, you know, I get beat, or my body doesn't look right, you know, I feel so sad for the people that support me; and then when I win, I feel thankful that I was able to do good for the people that support me, you know.
For me it's never about me, you know, it's like I'm always competing for somebody else, you know, never for my own accomplishment. When I turned pro and and, you know, I was competing then to try to make everybody remember what bodybuilding was, to try to make everybody remember back when bodybuilding was beautiful, you know, and and that was my goal and that was my mission. I'm gonna make everybody remember old-school bodybuilding, you know. Well everybody remembers now, you know, everybody's posing old-school style and everybody's talking about aesthetics, you know, and nowadays I'm posing for, you know, I'm competing for the people that love me, you know, the people that support me. Not necessarily for, you know, for myself to make money or, you know, to be popular; but just so I can give the people something to be proud of, and give them a reason to cheer for me and give them a reason to be happy that they do support me, you know.
And so here we are, you know, I have a youth group back home for the kids in my community and I wanted to come and do some extra shows this year to try to earn some money for this program so I could buy the things the equipment and the stuff that they need, you know, so being able to win some money here, this show, will allow me to, you know, get some stuff for my youth group and to keep that going. So that gives me another reason to be, you know, happy for the result right so uh yeah, it's just now time to keep moving, you know.
I'm really happy about being able to compete here in Italy because this is the first time I've ever even been to Italy and there's so many people here that love bodybuilding and now I found out there's a lot of people here that like my style. So for me to be able to come here and give a show for them, that's really special for me too, you know. I said I at least want to go to every country once for the people there, you know, so this is my chance for Italy so.. thank you
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