Juventus Fc is Italian Champion for the sixth consecutive year in a row: legend time!


2011-2017: 6 years of record for Juventus Fc. For the first time in history of Serie A, Sunday 21st of May, Juventus Fc won the 6th Scudetto in a row.
Congratulations to Juventus Fc from team V-power for this legendary success!
Making history in Serie A is an authentic success: not only talent but also an excellent technical-athletic preparation, a team work based on trust, motivation and tenacity.
These are the values ​​that have allowed Juventus to become an excellence in the Italian and international football and these are the same values ​​shared by V-Power, partner of Juventus FC as the official supplier of solid food supplements.
To be successful, talent needs to be supported by the attention of proper psycho-physical state of health, from a healthy and balanced nutrition and supplementation to re-establish the right energy balance.
"Quality is like a wave. That quality work you did not think would be noticed, and whoever sees it feels a little bit better: it will probably transfer its feelings to others and in this way the quality will continue to spread."
(Robert Maynard Pirsig)
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