San Marino Pro 2017 - Interview to Gian Enrico Pica


Gian Enrico Pica – Founder and CEO V-Power
I’m glad to be here talking about San Marino Pro and Mister Olympia Amateur. This is the first edition we’re doing with the IFBB pro league pro qualifier event.
We have reached the highest number of professional athletes in the competition, I’ve just come to know they are 91, and it is absolutely the highest number in Europe ever.
We have over 370 competitors, my american friends came, including Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, Big Rami, Kai Greene, Dennis James, meeting me and supporting me in my efforts. Honestly, I think this is a great event, and I’m proud of it because I’m an athlete, I remain an athlete and everything I do, I do it for the athletes. I handle everything in the best way possible, in order to make everything I do beneficial to the athletes, because without them nothing would even matter; neither the judges, nor the event, nothing. Therefore the athlete, and the respect we give to the athletes is shown by the things we do on a daily basis, which then end up in this 4-day event. That’s my goal, this is what led to a successful event which is growing bigger since 2014.
We will have a wondeful edition next year, which will consist of six stages from May until December, 2 in San Marino and 4 in Italy.
Today, the overall competition is taking place, and at 4pm we’ll have the pro competition, that will end at 7pm. We sold all the tickets, there’s an incredible crowd. Obviously we’re going to need a bigger venue that we’ll find somehow.
We’ll work in that direction, because we’ve reached an unthinkable size this year so I want to thank my staff, everyone who participated and most of all the people who came here to support my event with their presence. Gian Enrico Pica Promoter is a name to which I belong, because I am and remain an athlete. I hope to soon take part in a competition, even though my colleagues say the opposite. I put everything into a container called Gian Enrico Pica Promoter, which represents my passions, thus bodybuilding. The organization of these events is made possible thanks to my company, V-Power. The things run parallel: I would be nothing without the company and the company would be nothing without me. It’s an inseparable bond because I am the company and the company is me. - Internet Partner