San Marino Pro 2017 - the emotion of competing


Alex Segati - Vincitore Categoria Men's Physique - 174 cm
Competing here at the Olympia was for me a great emotion. I wasn’t really expecting the 1st place because this is the 8th competition i’m doing so I thought of not getting here, but I fought like all the other guys that are following their dream and I gave everything I had, until I walked on that stage, I had fun, and I won 1st place. So i’m really satisfied and I’ll go back home very very happy. Tomorrow morning we’ll have the overall and we’ll see then; let’s pray I’ll conquer that one too.
Femi Billurose - Vincitore Categoria Men's Physique
Oh yeah this has been crazy guys I've only just finished a know classic in a couple of weeks ago but five weeks ago and then I thought to myself why logistical studies and see I go so yeah you know I've tried my best and you went well really happy about it!
Gracia Gutierrez - Vincitrice Categoria Fitness Open
Buenas tardes desde España! Solo decir agradecer a toda la gente que me está apoyando, mi marca y la roba deportiva… Me ha costado mucho estar aquì, he conseguido el primer puesto y estoy super orgullosa, feliz, de partecipar en este Mister Olympia y porfin clasificar la primera y poder conseguir mi carnet Pro. Muchas gracias a todo el mundo y a la organización. Gracias!
Tim Budesheim - Vincitore Categoria IFBB PRO Bodybuilding
I can tell my emotion from the stage where from I win. It was unbelievable for me I have really hard work for my goal for the competition to take tonight today and it's unbelievablem, yeah.
Stan De Longeaux - Vincitore Categoria CLassic Men's Physique
So my name is Stan de longeaux I'm a IFBB Pro I also won the San Marino classic Pro and now I'm going to the Olympia it's a long dream coming so I want to thank everybody who helped me along the way a lot of big big names helped me and yeah we're going for the Olympia now so now it's time to get better I enjoy the victory have some pizza and and then you can get ready for the Olympia!
Cedric McMillan - Vincitore Men's Bodybuilding
Only thing I can think about now is remembering everything I did if it went right look at the pictures and see what I need to improve so that I can try to be better the next time you know.
I feel thankful that I was able to do good for the people that support me - you know - for me it's never about me you know it's like I'm always competing for somebody else you know never for my own accomplishment when I turn pro and you know I was competing then to try to make everybody remember what bodybuilding was to try to make everybody remember back when bodybuilding was beautiful! I'm really happy about being able to compete here in Italy because this is the first time I've ever even been to Italy and there's so many people here that love bodybuilding and now I find out there's a lot of people here that that like my style so for me to be able to come here and give a show for them that's really special for me too you know I said at least want to go to every country once for the people there you know so this is my chance for Italy so thank you! - Internet Partner