San Marino Pro - The record show!


San Marino Pro 2017

San Marino Pro - The record show!

Now in its 4th year the San Marino Pro show, organized by "Gian Enrico Pica Promoter" and V-Power S.p.A has become renowned as an event loved by the Italian public!
This year, with three days dedicated to Body Building and Physical Culture has become a record show!

In the Republic of San Marino from November 24 to 26, located at the Multieventi, there were two international competitions; Mr Olympia Amateur and the San Marino Pro. The first competitions in Europe with an entire American judging panel, the same as the Mr Olympia competition in Las Vegas.

Both competitions were followed by 3,000 people via live streaming, and more than 71,000 via the internet connecting from all over the world. The event was also completely sold out to spectators, with 2,200 tickets sold.

Each competition had a record number of athletes registered, as many as 371 Amateur competitors and 75 IFBB Professionals from all over the globe, with more than 50 countries represented.
To complete the show's record numbers, over 15,000 people visited the 30 exhibit stands during these three days, whilst also attending free seminars held by IFBB professional athletes and professionally qualified sports doctors.

Numerous stars of the International bodybuilding circuit attended the event, with whom the audience could meet, talk and take photographs with, some of those stars included: Big Ramy, Kai Greene, Flex Wheeler, Dennis James, Shawn Ray, Larissa Reis, Victor Martinez, Anton Antipov, Nathan De Asha and many other international athletes.
Due to the success of this competition and by popular demand, for 2018 there will be two competitions scheduled for San Marino. - Internet Partner