V-Power Sport Nutrition was born to offer a complete range of supplements on the market. It’s the result of the experience and success achieved in the largest and most important market in the world: the United States of America. V-Power is a company that bases its business model on product quality, on the efficiency of the logistics-distribution structure and on after-sales assistance.

V-Power S.p.A has become a leader in the distribution of food supplements, natural and organic products, aesthetics, sportswear and accessories, thanks to its commercial policies and experience gained in the field.

V-Power S.p.A. an boast a fully computerized and dynamic structure, through the integration of web, administrative and logistic services. This dynamism makes it possible to receive, process and complete any request of all nature, such as commercial, administrative and / or technical.

Thanks to the large shipping volume we can guarantee premium contracts with the main national and international freight forwarders, for which V-Power S.p.A. is able to offer and provide a punctual service with delivery within 24 hours.

Becoming a partner V-Power S.p.A. , you will discover a new world of food integration.

“The best never rest”