San Marino Pro 2017 - Video Reportage


Gian Enrico Pica - Founder and CEO V-power
Sono lieto di essere qui a parlare del San Marino Pro e del Mister Olympia Amatour, è la prima edizione che facciamo con la IFBB Pro League pro qualifier event
abbiamo raggiunto finalmente il più alto numero di atleti professionisti in gara, ho appena saputo che sono 91, ed è in assoluto il più alto numero in Europa di sempre.
abbiamo raggiunto delle dimensioni quasi impensabili quindi in termini di strutture di ritorno, voglio ringraziare il mio staff tutti quelli che hanno partecipato e soprattutto la gente che viene qui e supporta la manifestazione con la presenza.

Dennis James - Bodybuilding Legend
I'm here in San Marino to support, of course, the “San Marino Pro” and the “amateur Olympia” and of course my friend and partner Gian Enrico Pica and V-Power. This is the fourth year that I come here; I also emcee the show and it's always an honor, and I have always a great pleasure, to come here and support this beautiful event.
Flex Wheeler - Bodybuilding Legend
So my relationship with Gian Enrico started a long time ago. I met him when he was training with Dennis James and we hit it off. Come to find out the dad's a very very powerful distributorship in all over Europe and everything with V-power so, it just makes obviously since been that we have her friendship to be involved business-wise so he supports me in my business adventures and I support him.
Kai Greene - Bodybuilding Legend
I do love the “San Marino Pro” and I think it's a wonderful opportunity for all the fans in the area and businesses to get together to come together and yeah, we love the “San Marino Pro”.

Victor Martinez - Top Athlete
Congratulations to Gianenrico, the organizer and the promoter from this show. The NPC IFBB Pro League is only getting bigger, better and stronger over the years; and thanks to him, having this show and bringing it to the people of San Marino in Italy, I think it's great, the expo, the seminars, thay would be going on. Actually will be doing the seminar tomorrow; on Sunday will be a seminar here and hope to see a lot of you guys here soon, at the “San Marino Pro” Amateur Mister Olympia. Thank you guys.
Shawn Ray - Bodybuilding Legend
Well, this is my second time in San Marino for the “San Marino Pro”; I’m here for “Generation Iron”. What Gian Enrico Pico has put togheter out here is nothing short of amazing Gian Rico pica put together out here is nothing short of amazing in being a part of Gian Rico's team motivating these fans giving seminars to educate the athletes what's to come because we've all been there we just did his legend seminar reliving our history and Gian Rico giving the platform for these guys to actually get their pro cards and compete in the mr. Olympia compete against pro bodybuilders that's a huge thing that's a very big deal
San Marino pro Championships is going to give a guy a chopper tunity to qualify for the 2018 mr. Olympia championships and that's a big deal I was here last year when Lana boyacky from France qualified for the mr. Olympia tonight someone else will have the same opportunity to compete in the Olympia which is where I was for thirteen years and there's not a bigger honor in bodybuilding didn't actually qualify and compete in the mr. Olympia so I'm happy to be here in Italy for the year in competition and watch the future right before our eyes - Internet Partner